Friday, December 31, 2010

Got two books for Christmas...

1. Modern Perl, by the infamous chromatic (dude is hardcore, I don't even think his own parents know him by his real name). This is an awesome book so far (about 60 pages in), I couldn't believe I learned something I didn't know just 50 pages in. Love the detail, and love the passion in the writing style, you can totally tell this is written with a lot of desire to create something awesome for us all to have going forward.

2. Land of Lisp, by Conrad Barski MD. I am 180 pages into this book. I never learned lisp before, and have heard from more than a few people over the years on how I should learn it (after the looked at my tactics in Perl). I have A LOT to say about this book.

Full book reviews forthcoming. (oh and happy new year!!!!)